Patrícia J. Reis Patrícia J. Reis

The wishing machine project, 2016

Photo credits: Alexandra Gschiel, © esc medien kunst labor


Group Show


Venue: esc medien kunst labor, Graz, Austria

Curated by Reni Hofmüller

24.09 — 18.11.16


About the group exhibition ZERSTÖREN (English).

About the group exhibition ZERSTÖREN (German).



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The wishing machine project, 2016

The wishing machine project explores technomancy science fiction imaginary through the creation of a machine that can make one's wishes become true. The open source apparatus is powered by orgone energy [Wilhelm Reich, 1930] known to be as a "universal life force" flowing within living bodies and nature. Referring to other black boxes typologies [as the photo camera by Vilém Flusser, 1983], this apparatus contains an input and an output plate. The wishes are symbolically represented and placed on the input plate while the wisher touches and gently rubs the output plate. The process is concluded when the orgone energy is sensorial perceived in the body. The dual-channel video shows the artist performing the necessary ritual, desiring for a restored political future. A vitrine contains the device resting while the wish is being processed. An illustration shows what is inside of the black box with schematics for its construction. The project aims to be a critique towards the current capitalist obsession in technological development by exploring the borders between science, religion and magic from the point of view of the user and/or believer. The wishing machine becomes an interface between the user and a utopian future.

Dual-channel video projection, wishing machine, illustration, vitrine.

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