Patrícia J. Reis Patrícia J. Reis


Presentation/ Workshop

INTRA-ACCION international Symposium

18.10. to 19.10.24

Barcelona, Spain


S+T+ARTS Prize by Ars Electronica

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Nomination Prize in this year’s S+T+ARTS Prize by Ars Electronica. Our project, “Clay PCB: Eco-Feminist Decolonial Hardware,” is a key artistic outcome of our PEEK Project (AR580) “Feminist Hacking: Building Circuits as an Artistic Practice supported “by the FWF hosted by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

“Clay PCB: Eco-Feminist Decolonial Hardware” comprises two projects:

The Clay PCB: This microcontroller board is made exclusively from urban mined electronic components and features a base of wild local clay, consciously collected from the Austrian forest and fired in a bonfire. The project is entirely open source, with all tutorials and programs available for download on the project website.

The Ethical Hardware Kit: This artistic “survival kit” envisions a future where crucial resources for hardware production are alarmingly scarce. It includes a collection of tools, materials, and detailed instructions designed to empower feminist hacking practices, even in challenging times.

These speculative art and design projects aim to challenge conventional thinking, pushing us to explore innovative alternatives to the prevailing toxicity and exploitation associated with conflict materials essential to hardware manufacturing in a creative and artistic way. In doing so, we aim to transcend traditional boundaries and contribute to a more sustainable and ethical future for hardware production.

See you soon at the ARS 4-8 September in Linz, Austria!


Summer Hacking Camp

PIF Camp

Soča, Slovenia

29.7. to 3.8.

Ethical Hardware Workshop at PIF
It is an open secret that the hardware in our smart devices contains not only plastics but also conflict minerals such as tungsten, tin, tantalum, silver, and gold. Hence, technology is not neutral. In this workshop, we investigate alternative hardware made from locally sourced materials, known as ethical hardware, to develop and speculate upon renewable practices for the benefit of both nature and humans.

During the workshop, we will make printed circuit boards with wild local clay, using recycled silver as the main electrical conductor. We will model the boards, paint the circuits, and fire them in an open bonfire at PIFcamp. Participants will solder all electronic components and test the circuit for an interactive microcontroller board that can control digital and analogue sensors as inputs and speakers, LEDs, and motors as outputs (similar to Arduino).




Feminist Hardware Clay PCB: Action Donau Island

26.6. to Sat, 29.6.

11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Place GCP (ehem. PSK) 1st floor, Raum 124 Georg-Coch-Platz 2, 1010 WienOpen in maps +

Feminist Hardware speculates on technologies that can spark debates about fair trade, ethical, biodegradable hardware in the spirit of environmental justice. We build circuits that utilise traditional craft and collaborative knowledge as an artistic practice to promote decolonial thinking. Our PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) are made from wild clay, mined in the forest and fired at a Danube Island barbecue site. A project by Patrícia J. Reis and students from her course.

Contributors: Tam-Anh Nguyen, Michael Schmidl, Nicolas Henao Bonnet, Yifan Li, David Obradović, Franci Kas, Isidor Forster, Regina Fuchs, Max Engelbert Bauer, Matthias Sanoll, Yan Chmarau, Frederike Gordillo and Patrícia J. Reis



PIRATE CULTURES: Unter dem Asphalt der Strand

Semmelweisklinik, Hockegasse 37 / Haus 4, 1180 Vienna

8. – 16.05.2024, Vernissage: 8.05., 18:00

Together with actors from Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory, RAD Performance, Kollektiv Raumstation, Friends & Partners in Crime, the artist collective Sandkasten Syndikat brings a pirate beach to Vienna.

PIRATE CULTURES is a transdisciplinary research that examines piracy as an emancipatory politics of re-appropriation, care and DIY culture. The exhibition revolves around practices of reclaiming the city and the (technology-enabled) self-organization of solidarity networks.

Counter and net cultures grow with and complement the informal city. They create connecting points between physical and virtual spaces.

Based on a series of self-organized initiatives, the exhibition tells of unusual urban routes, digital spheres free from existing power relations, resistance against patriarchal body politics, the bypass of conventional media infrastructures, open source systems and peer production – of struggles and utopian desires.

Vernissage: 8 May 2024

18:00 Opening with performative Interventions by

Kollektiv Raumstation & Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory (a/o)

20:00 Plunder Sonics & Pirate Radio Compositions:

Sound Performance by David Pridal / Sandkasten Syndikat

Opening Hours:

9 – 11 & 14 – 15 May, 16:00 – 20:00

and by appointment /

closed on Sunday & Monday

Finissage: 16 May, 18:00




afo – architekturforum oberösterreic

Linz, Austria

Opening Hours: May 8th – 17th
Wednesday – Friday, 3 – 6 pm or individual appointments

Sanela Jahić, Nicolas Gourault, Stadtwerkstatt: STWST, Murad Khan, Martin Disley, joak, Dasha Ilina, REINCANTAMENTO, Javaneh, Patrícia J. Reis, Stefanie Wuschitz, Marina Gržinić, Tjaša Kancler, Jovita Pristovšek



Neu Galerie Graz



Performance/ sound installation

“About Clouds and Clocks”

by Dora Deliyska and Patricia J. Reis


Exhibition/ Performance

Pirate Cultures & Plunder Sonics: MAYDAY!

FLUCC, Praterstern 5 

01.05.2024, 18:00

On May 1st, the artist collective Sandkasten Syndikat hijacks the ‘Kulturdampfer’ at Praterstern and sends out an emergency signal to allied cultural workers: MAYDAY! 

Together with actors from Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory, Kollektiv Raumstation, RAD Performance and friends, we are looking for critical-creative answers to precarious living and working conditions. The exhibition revolves around topics of re-appropriation, hijacking and hacking, DIY cultures, commoning, care and the (technology-enabled) self-organization of solidarity networks.

In the frame of:

In der Kubatur des Kabinetts #3

Der Kunstsalon im FLUCC

Ökologien der Arbeit 3

kuratiert von Magdalena Scheicher


Artist Lecture

Patrícia J. Reis: »Hacking the body as a black box«

11th March 2024, 19h

Neue Wiener Gruppe/Lacan-Schule

Die Niederösterreich Vinothek

Piaristengasse 35, 1080 Wien



Unabridged – Sound Installation with interpretation from

György Ligestis “Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes”

A collaboration project by Dora Deliyska and Patrícia J. Reis


Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Wien

9.2.2024 – 11.2.2024

Opening 9.2.2024, 18h30


9.2.2024, 19h

10.2.2024, 17h

11.2.2024, 17



Solo Exhibition

PATRICIA J. REIS, Digital Skin

Opening: 10.1.2024, 19h

20. 1. – 15. 2. 2024

Café Zeit, P.° Almte. Montt 658, Cerro Alegre, Valparaíso, Chile



“ Love’s Modern Nature”

Patrícia J. Reis, Agata Nowosielska
Curator: Anna Ciabach

15.01 – 16.02.2024

Opening: 15.01.2024, 7:00 p.m

Austrian Cultural Forum
ul. Próżna 7/9

The latest exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum is a meeting between two artists: Patricia J. Reis from Portugal, who lives in Vienna, and Agata Nowosielska from Gdansk.

The title “Love’s Modern Nature” is a narrative about the current changes in the field of relationships, the understanding of which goes far beyond the romantic and interpersonal. Rather, it is a complex ecosystem of tangled feelings and fears, constantly reacting to changes that we as individuals cannot fully keep up with.




SOS 2.0_ Fürsorge ist die Schwester der Autonomie

Eine Ausstellung von Mz*Baltazar’s Lab (Olivia Jaques, Patricia J. Reis, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Nicole Sabella, Anna Watzinger und Stefanie Wuschitz) in der Medienwerkstatt Wien

Neubaugasse 40a, 1070 Wien

Eröffnung: Mittwoch 13.12.2023, 19:00
Ausstellungsdauer: 13.12. – 21.12.2023 und 09.01 – 23.01.2024

Öffnungszeiten: Di – Fr 17:00 – 20:00

Finissage: Dienstag 23.01.2024, 19:00


Wir danken den folgenden Künstler*innen für die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Mz* Baltazar’s Lab im Rahmen der Ausstellungsproduktion: Catarina Reis, Erika Farina, Taguhi Torosyan und der Medienwerkstatt Wien!


XVI International Ceramics Biennale of Aveiro

Exhibition Opening and Performance

27.10.2023  18h
29.10.2023  11h30 + 17h30

Exhibition duration:

28.10.2023 – 28.01.2023

Atlas – Biblioteca Municipal de Aveiro 1st floor

Salon of Open Secrets
Interactive Sound Installation/ Performance:

“The Coffee Table”


Patricia J. Reis
Stefanie Wuschitz
Anna-Rita Carvalho
Silvia Amado

Joāo Nunes

José Lopes

Erika Farina

Patricia J. Reis & Stefanie Wuschitz

Funded by:

In collaboration with Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory

The installation features testemonies by:

Gameli Adzaho
Seyram Avle
Milton Raggi
Mariá Antonia González Valerio
Saad Chinoy
Ira Agrivine
Hannah Perner Wilson
Rajina Shrestha



by Steffi Alte, Saskia Te Nicklin & Patrícia J. Reis

Mz* Baltazar’s Lab

30 Sep – 3 Nov 2023

Opening: 29 Sep 2023, 19h

Midd opening: 14 Oct 2023, 19h

Finissage: 3 Nov 2023, 19h


Photos © Janine Schranz



Patrícia J. Reis, Celiné Struger & Kristin Weissenberger

Galerie3 Klagenfurt

Im Lichthof

23 Sep – 28 Oct 2023

Opening: 22. Sep 2023 – 19 Uhr


Photo © Flavio Palasciano



Feminist Hardware: Making Printed Circuit Boards with Natural Clay

by Patrícia J. Reis & Stefanie Wuschitz at Hangar Barcelona


Date | 18.10 – 20.10.2023

Venue | Hangar, Barcelona

It is an open secret that the hardware in our smart devices contains not only plastics but also conflict minerals such as tungsten, tin, tantalum, silver and gold. Hence, technology is not neutral. In this workshop, given by Patrícia J. Reis (PT/AT) & Stefanie Wuschitz (AT), we investigate alternative hardware from locally sourced materials, so-called ethical hardware, to develop and speculate upon renewable practices for the benefit of both nature and humans.

During the workshop we will make Printed Circuit Boards with natural clay using recycled silver as main electrical conductors. We will model the boards, paint the circuit and fire it in an open fire at Hangar. On our last day participants will solder all electronic components and test our circuit for an interactive microcontroller board that can control digital and analogue sensors as inputs and speakers, leds and motors as outputs. The final boards will be shown in a public presentation on the last day and can be taken home by the participants by the end of the event.

This workshop is part of the “Fem_Lab exchange Catalonia-Austria” project, a collaboration between Mz* Baltazar’s Lab and Hangar, supported by the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to Central Europe and the Ramon Llull Institute.

More info

Photo © Janine Schranz














Opening: Monday, 24. April 2023, 19.00 h

Medienwerkstatt, Wien Neubaugasse 40a, 1070 Wien

Opening times: Tuesday–Friday 17.00–20.00 h

Exhibition duration: 25. April–26. May 2023


Photo © Fotogralerie Wien





OPENING: 10.3.2023, 19h – 22h

FINISSAGE: 21.04.2023, 19h-22h

EXHIBITION DURATION: 11.3 — 21.4.2023

OPENING HOURS: Every Saturday from 12h – 17h

Mz* Baltazar’s Lab

Jägerstraße 52-56

1200 Wien

Photo © Flavio Palasciano


Salon of Open Secrets 

15.09 – 28.10.2022

Kunstraum pro arte

Hallein, Salzburg, Austria



29.07 – 31.08.2022

Castelo e Paço dos Condes

Ourém, Portugal

Curator: Carlos Veríssimo


Participation at 14 Bienal La Habana, Cuba



WORKSHOP: Fair Acupuncture sonification by Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory

Registration is necessary, only 10 spots are available!


Fair Acupuncture sonification

Join Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory (Patrícia J. Reis & Stefanie Wuschitz) and build a device to sonify your most active acupuncture spots on the surface of your skin (no needles involved). You can later connect the input from your acupuncture points to Pure Data. For more sophisticated sounds and more detailed findings on how the environment changes your body we will build several prototypes of instruments. This workshop is trying to use only hardware that was created under fair labour conditions. Without harming the environment and avoiding commodity chains connected to mining. This can work if we use fair trade certified electronic components, self made and recycled electronic parts and explore the capacitive quality and resistance of our own body.

About Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory :

Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory is a feminist hackerspace in Vienna, encouraging art and technology that is developed from a female perspective. Founded in 2009.

This performance is a part of THE SPACE BETWEEN US – an immersive and healing experience curated by Improper Walls

supported by BMKOES and MA7.


Group Show KAIROS. Recall of Earth at AIL, Vienna, Austria.


Opening: 11 Nov 2021, 18:00

Running: 12 Nov 2021 – 21 Jan 2022

::KAIROS. Recall of Earth

An exhibition about the relationship between humans and the phenomena of natural events. Curated by Sophia Panteliadou

Vernissage: 11 Nov, 18:00 – 22:00
Registration required:

Closed: 18 Dec 2021 – 9 Jan 2022

Opening hours
Mon – Fri 12:00 –18:00
Thu 12:00–19:00
Sat, Sun, Public holidays closed

19/20 Nov 2021
Accompanying Symposium







FusoLab – Body Sonification // Workshop


Rome, Italy


10-12 December 2021 – Rome, Italy

La seconda edizione del festival che porta l’arte interattiva digitale nelle fermate della metro C


Group Show at medienwerkstatt  during the Vienna Art Week, Austria.

In the Kitchen

Visionen der Medienkunst 10

Ferdinand Doblhammer / Kilian Hanappi / Tom Hochwallner / Margarete Jahrmann / kondition pluriel / Litto/Daniela Weiss / Patrícia J. Reis / Ruth Schnell / Patryk Senwicki

Eröffnung: Freitag 05.11.2021, 19:00 Uhr

Ausstellungsdauer 05.11.2021 – 22.11.2021
MO/FR/SA 14:00 – 18:00 Uhr
Medienwerkstatt Wien, Neubaugasse 40a, 1070 Wien
In Kooperation mit FLUSS – NÖ.Initiative für Foto- und Medienkunst


TALK “CITIZENS AND CITIES – WHAT LIES AROUND THE CORNER? with Pedro Costa, Associate Professor at ISCTE, Tracy Geragthy, Project Manager at Dublin City Council Culture Company, Jordi Baltá, Consultant at Projects Barcelona. 13/10/2021 in Aveiro, Portugal


Solo Show in collaboration with Carla Cabanas “From object to affect: proposals for future archives after the media” at Criatech 2021, Aveiro, Portugal.

Museu de Aveiro/Santa Joana

October 11-16

Day 11: 1h30 pm – 6h00 pmDay 12 to 13: 10h00 am – 12h30 pm / 1h30 pm – 6h00 pm

Days 15 a 16: 10h00 am – 12h30 pm / 1h30 pm – 6h00 pm / 8h00 pm – 13h30 pm

Happy to be one of the guest artists on the 2nd edition Aveiro Criatech Artistic Residences from 27th September to the 3rd November 2021!


Update 2 on IMPACT ART AT:

After 5 weeks intensive work, it is time to say goodbye; There are no words to describe how grateful and fulfilled I feel after these five weeks of exchange, working together with the San Francisco Bay artists — Stephanie, Jenny, Sharmi, Erik, Marlys, Avital, and Parul. It has been a great pleasure to meet and work with them despite the approximate 6000 miles of physical distance between Vienna and the Bay Area; I have the odd and delightful feeling that I’ve actually met them in person. Check out our blog post!

Very proud to launch the Virtual exhibition of works created during this past month’s Impact Art AT exchange featuring works by Stephanie Andrews, Jenny E. Balisle, Sharmi Basu, Erik Contreras, Marlys Mandaville, Avital Meshi, and Parul Wadhwa, curated by me.

Update 1 on IMPACT ART AT:

Impact Art AT is a month-long, online creative exchange that utilizes community-driven digital and new media art projects to explore and address the social challenge, “In Search of Truth.” Using feminist hacking strategies as a methodological entry point, participants will work with Patrícia J. Reis to unravel and augment the way we perceive truth.

Impact Art AT (2021) is a public diplomacy initiative designed and implemented by ZERO1 and the Open Austria Art + Tech Lab, funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport, and produced in partnership with Ars Electronica.

Check out our blog post!


Very proud to be part of the POM:: Politics of the Machine Berlin 2021 as the track chair of Interferences of Multitude.  Follow us on Zoom – Room B from 11h to 13h — 15,16, and 17 September 2021

Artist lecture at ARS ELECTRONICA in the framework of the program Impact Art.


Calling all Bay Area creatives (and the creatively curious)! The participant open call deadline for Impact Art AT is TOMORROW. Learn from and work with artist Patrícia J. Reis (@patricia.joao.reis) in a series of virtual workshops and project development sessions to unravel and augment the way we perceive truth through the lens of feminist hacking strategies.

Read the open call and access the application: (link in bio)

Application deadline: August 26, 2021 at 11:59 PM PDT

📸 Patrícia J. Reis, UNDERNEATH THE SKIN ANOTHER SKIN, 2016. Photo © Manfred Pichlbauer.


“The Medusa v. The Odalisque” ***

A collaboration between Dorota Walentynowicz & Patrícia J. Reis

Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory
Jägerstraße 52-54, 1200 Wien, Österreich
Opening: 30th July, 18h-22h
The exhibition will be open for visitors between 31.07 and 20.08.2021 by appointment:
*** “The Medusa v. The Odalisque” – B.S. Latrodectus Mactans Productions. Uncredited cast; zone-plating laser holography by James O. Incadenza and Urquhart Ogilvie, Jr.; holographic fight choreography by Kenjiru Hirota courtesy of Sony Entertainment-Asia; 78 mm; 29 minutes; black and white; silent w/ audience-noises appropriated from network broadcast television. Mobile holograms of two visually lethal mythologic females duel with reflective surfaces onstage while a live crowd of spectators turn to stone. LIMITED CELLULOID RUN; PRIVATELY RE-RELEASED ON MAGNETIC VIDEO BY LATRODECTUS MACTANS PRODUCTIONS



Organised by the Master Students in Cultural Management of the ESAD.CR, PT

20/05/2021 – 19h > 23h  [ONLINE]


Culture and technology: cognition and the common 
Peter Hanenberg < UCP Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Christian Nold < Softhook
Patrícia J. Reis < UAK (Viena, Áustria) / KL (Linz, Áustria)
Simon James Philips
Marta Jecu e Mário Caeiro


Symposium Sharing and Responding
with the framework of the exhibition Cybernetics of the Poor at the Kunsthalle Wien

23/4/2021 12h – 15h [online] Please pre-register by April 22 at

The event series Sharing and Responding is a cooperation between the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Kunsthalle Wien

Patrícia J. Reis, Stefanie Wuschitz — Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory

Our feminist hackerspace — Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory — allows for the luxury of time shared within its female* members, quality time to consider non-intuitive complexities and their impact on our personal lives. As an alternative to the (up until now) not conquered utopian dream of a non-binary cyberspace, we offer a safer physical space in which we do not have to consume, do not have to deliver and do not have to make sense of the complexity of things right away. It allows for a liberated feminist hacking practice and to speculate about future realities that can be shaped in (cyber)space.

About the symposium

Even if hardly ever described in such terms anymore, cybernetic feedback systems and their logic are ubiquitous today. The idea that, alongside flight paths and temperatures, social interactions and all kinds of decision-making processes can be regulated by now stands beyond question. With a program structured by the horizontal interconnectedness of various keywords, the symposium Sharing and Responding is dedicated to this condition, while simultaneously reflecting the inevitability of cybernetic reciprocity and interference.

Central to the four thematic blocks under discussion is the question of how regulatory structures are appropriated today—not least by those who are not enriching themselves through them. The program begins with the idea of anticipatory control that is at the heart of cybernetics (future/fiction/scenario), moving on to an exploration of the relationship of complex systems to individualized feedback (guilt/debt/responsibility) and ideas of self-management and labor (behavior planning/self-optimization/employment) before concluding with a look into the kinds of outcomes that can be generated from self-regulating networks (autofiction/desire/conspiracy theories).

The Sharing and Responding symposium is the second instalment of a series of events of the same title, and follows an online workshop in June 2020 with Amy LienEnzo Camacho, and the Zurich-based group The Field. The series examines cybernetic structures in language and art, planning, and surveillance. It thus picks up on the thematic framework of a two-semester seminar series that is part of the Master in Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, as well as on the exhibition Cybernetics of the Poor, curated by Diedrich Diederichsen and Oier Etxeberria.

Concept: Ana de AlmeidaAnke DyesNina Kerschbaumer, and Inka Meißner

With contributions from: Mz* Baltazar’s LaboratoryRachal BradleyCarolin BrendelColeman CollinsAna de AlmeidaDiedrich DiederichsenAnke DyesOier EtxeberriaJulia GrillmayrJohan HartlePeter HermansUte Kalender and Aljoscha WeskottNina KerschbaumerLeigh Claire La BergeYulia Lokshina and Samuel Fischer-GlaserDoreen MendeSighard NeckelAxel StockburgerLia Sudermann, and Christian Wimplinger


Artist Lecture [PT]
PLUS DESIGN WEEK 20/21 – 2ºs.
ISMAT, Algarve, Portugal
Dia 14 de Abril – inicio às 18h
Patrícia Reis
Artista Multidisciplinar
Esta ano letivo, temos os primeiros licenciados a sair para o mercado com o renovado plano de estudos da Licenciatura de Design de Comunicação e nada melhor do que lhes transmitir o quanto o mundo é DINÂMICO!
Por isso os nossos convidados deste semestre são criativos portugueses que têm uma carreira nacional e internacional (IN and OUT), e vêm partilhar as suas experiências e desafiar os nosso alunos!
O CLUBE DE CRIATIVOS DE PORTUGAL, juntou-se à nossa iniciativa porque também eles têm sido “agentes” pela transformação do papel dos criativos em Portugal, pela valorização/premiado as diferentes atividades e têm apoiado jovens criativos a dar os primeiros passos.
Esta edição, ao contrário das anteriores, terá a primeira parte com os nossos convidados aberta ao público, sendo os mini challenges reservados aos nossos!


Happy to be featured at SAR 12 by Mette Riise video on artistic research: 20:00 – 20:30


Interactive Workshop: Exploring Critical Making

Join our kick-off Interactive Workshop: Exploring Critical Making on 25th March 2021! We will host a conversation with experts of experimental research approaches and makers on how they are using new, different, hands-on research methods to shape the maker community in a more inclusive. Our Webinar will be host on our partner’s social media.

25/03/2021 9h30 – 17h – Live stream link here 

26/03/2021 9h30 – 17h – Live stream link here

More info here

Practitioners’ input


This session will focus on learning from practitioners of the three main topics of this consortium: gender, youth, and openness in maker communities. We will hear about their projects, what their solution is to which problem, what methods and strategies they use to engage with their communities, etc.



Jenny Molloy – founder of the Open Bioeconomy Lab – will share her work on open hardware

Irene Agrivina, the founder of HONF, an Indonesian media art collective that also engages in education.

Mathilde Berchon from FuturFab – will share her work on gender

Stefanie Wuschitz and Patricia Reis – from Mz Baltazar’s Lab – will present gender equality approaches in making.


Happy to have been mentioned on Cornelia’s Solfrank lecture about creating commons!


Variations of Gender and Technology Trouble

by Cornelia Sollfrank

Technofeminism is based on two basic assumptions: 1) technology is not neutral and 2) technology is a highly gendered field. These presuppositions open up a field of questions, problems and related practices. Based on selected positions in theory and practice, the talk exemplifies some of the tensions and openings from which to rethink ways of encountering the current technopolitical crisis. Commoning here serves as a framework for the process of vision and implementation, of experimentation and evaluation, of responding to the contemporary condition by creating new forms, formats and formations and questioning them again.



Date | 10.03.2021, 5.00 p.m.

Venue | Online

with Karin Reisinger, Patricia J. Reis, Taguhi Torosyan, Stefanie Wuschitz, Barbara Huber and Karina Jarrett

Event within the Frame of 100 years of Admitting Women to Study at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

SOS stands for Salon of Open Secrets*. Now what does that mean?

What are Open Secrets? The elephants in the room? Gossip? Publicly censored and stigmatised topics? Everything at the same time, but not exclusively. We define Open Secrets as a very situated niche of embodied experiences, know-hows and fun – of being female*, of bending binaries with/through/in art, technologies, engineering and materials science and of connecting to each other in the most unexpected and life-assuring ways.

SOS is a virtual reenactment of our cozy hackerspace studio/gallery. It is a place, a conversation, happening and relationship. Our Salon wants to reconnect to all of you out there making and creating, succeeding and failing to do things and to think with things. With those who manage to stay fascinated with the promise that technologies always held: to create a better and more liveable future for all.

*Format: Each month, we will be holding an open online conversation with an artist, feminist, hacker, maker, scientist on the existing challenges and their solutions – weaving an interconnected web of materials, components, ecologies, economies, labor, hardware, geographies, ethics and politics of becoming in our more than human world.

Karin Reisinger – feministische Ökologien



Very proud to be part of the female*artistindex Vienna, a project by Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory, launched on the International Women Day 8th March 2021


ON-line Exhibition

Adventkalender 2020

Patrícia J, Reis, The wishing machine project 

esc medien kunst labor

Opening: 1.12.2020

Duration: 01/12/2020 bis 24/12/2020

Screenshot 2 Channel Video installation The Wishing Machine Project



Tale of delusion II

opening: 7 August 2020, 18-21:00

finissage: 21 August 2020, 18-21:00

VBKÖ – Maysedergasse 2/28 (4. Stock), 1010 Wien

Opening times: Fridays 14-19:00 and Saturdays 14 – 19:00




esc medien kunst labor

Graz, Austria

Opening: 27/5/2020 – 14:00

27/05/2020 — 24/07/2020

Opening hours:
Core times: Tuesday – Friday, 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. and by appointment. Closed on public holidays. Registration by phone: + 43-316-836 000; Registration by email:

“A cyborg is a cybernetic organism, a hybrid of machine and organism, a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction.” [Donna Haraway, „A Cyborg Manifesto“, 1985]

The term ‘cyborg’, short for Cybernetic Organism, first appeared in 1960 as part of a NASA project whose goal was the “conquest” of space. In 1985 Donna Haraway took up this militaristic, techno-humanistic figure in order to formulate a socialist feminist manifesto in which she particularly emphasises the ambiguous nature of the cyborg and a necessary overcoming of dualisms such as human/machine, female/male, etc., which in her view form the foundation of power relations. In the movement from an organic, industrial society to a polymorphous information system, knowledge, technical processes and also humans and other organisms are being disassembled into information units that are subject to a theory of language and control. Everything is rendered codable, everything becomes predictable. What, as Frieder Nake asks, has happened to our right to be unpredictable?



Exhibition at Re:Publica Festival

Kühlhaus Berlin

10963 BERLIN

Opening: 06.05.2020




Code yourself. Basics im Programmieren: Arduino Introduction: programming and electronic introduction for the creation of interactive artworks
by Patrícia J. Reis — Mz* Baltazar’s Lab

FH St. Pölten
Matthias Corvinus-Straße 15
A-3100 St. Pölten, Austria

04.03.2020 – 15:00–18:00 h


Artist lecture

Patrícia J. Reis and the Sensorial masks project

Arte + Ciencia – Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas – UNAM

Ciudad Universitaria,C.P. 04510, Coyoacán México, D.F., Mexico

13.02.2020 – 18h



Group exhibition :: KAIROS RECALL OF EARTH

Opening: Thu, 28. 11. 2019 – 8 pm

MIET – Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece, Thessaloniki

Villa Kapantzi, Leof. Vasilissis Olgas 108, Thessaloniki, Greece

29.11.2019 – 26.01.2020

Curated by Sophia Panteliadou


The word KAIROS in greek language might refer to natural phenomena (weather), however, it also might refer to temporality (time). The ambiguosity inherent to this word is the main subject of this exhibition.

KAIROS, Recall of earth, is a cross-media exhibition discussing the relationship between humankind and the phenomena of natural events. It addresses to the diversity of possible entanglements between humans and nature.
What is the relationship of an aesthetic experience in everyday life in terms of experiences in art? What is the relationship between art and weather phenomena and the metaphorical language in the arts?
Is “weather” a phenomenon that has the potential to show people their limits? Or does the horizon create unlimited possibilities in art through this medium?

With the participating artists:





NOVEMBER 9th, 2019 16-18 Uhr

Address: World Wildlife Fund ZURICH
Hohlstrasse 110, Second Floor, 8010 Zürich.

Professor Dr Hanna Kokko (Evolutionary Biologist, University of Zurich)
and Dr. Patrícia J Reis (Media Artist)


Why did sexual reproduction and different sexes evolve? What diversity of sexual reproduction do we see in nature and how is evolution being affected by the technical world humans have created? How stable are boundaries between the sexes in animals, and why are we any different? Does gender matter?

This special LASER talks features presentations by Professor Dr Hanna Kokko (Evolutionary Biologist, University of Zurich) and Dr. Patricia J Reis (Senior Lecturer Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna, Austria). After the talks there will be an interesting discussion lead by Dr. Jasmin Winkler (Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zurich) and Prof Dr. Jill Scott ( Professor Emerata Cultural Studies, ZHdK)

Professor Dr Hanna Kokko
Most of us have heard one or another version of an argument that deviations from traditional gender roles are ‘unnatural’. Producers of such arguments have probably not spent very much time observing the astonishing diversity of ways that reproduction can be arranged in nature. There are sex changers, hermaphrodites, sperm cells that hijack eggs and kick out all the genetic material from the female (so that the offspring develops as a clone of the father), asexuals, hybrids, sexual cannibalism, offspring killing their mother for food, dwarf males permanently attached to the female… you name it. Sexual relations in nature are not always ‘nice’ – there can be vigorous disagreements of whether a mating should happen or not –  but they are always fascinating.
Dr. Patricia J Reis
Patrícia J. Reis will be discussing the topic of technology and interactivity as an artistic strategy to create and amplify haptic, sensual and erotic experiences. In that framework she will present her project Untherneath the skin another skin (2016), an interactive installation composed by a series of objects represented at a human scale. The objects encloses audio-visual-tactile feedback and are offered to the viewer as an organic genderless body. The artist invites the audience to physical embrace it, at the same time having to perform unusual body positions that might suggest a certain eroticism. The sensuous and erotic connotation is emphasized by the embedded vibration motors, that in turn, confer them an alive dynamic facet. The presentation based on her work will speculate on future machines that might offer an evolutionary replacement for human skin contact and new possibilities for human-object satisfaction.


 Techdays 2019

10.10.2019 14h-16h

Session Art & Tech

Session line-up:

. Luis Miguel Girão (CEO, Artshare) – Moderation and Introductory

. Michela Magas (Founder & Creative Director, Music Tech Fest) – Keynote Speaker

. Jiří Suchánek (Chief Pilot, ArtShifters

. Yasuhiro Chida (Visual Artist, PRISMA)

. Patrícia Reis (Visual Artist, CRIATECH)


Patrícia J. Reis

Por Baixo da Pele Outra Pele

Criatech 2019

10 – 13.10.2019

Teatro Aveirense, Salão Nobre
Aveiro, Portugal



A project by the Department of Digital Arts organized in the context of Biennale Sessions – Special Programme for Higher Education Institutions at La Biennale di Venezia’s 58th International Art Exhibition

Date: Fri, 4 October 2019, 2 – 5 pm

Venue: Sale d‘Armi G, Arsenale, 30122 Venice

Participants: Manuel Cyrill Bachinger, Çağdaş Çeçen, Johannes Lampert, Anna Watzinger and Laurus Edelbacher, Ruth Zimmermann

Concept and organization: Ruth Schnell, Patrícia J. Reis

Collaborators: Sophia Panteliadou [Philosopher, independent curator], Rainer Kaltenberger [Meteorologist, ZAMG – the National Meteorological Service of Austria, Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics of Austria]


Patrícia J. Reis


Interactive installation composed by wood, foam, textile, vibration motors, microcontroller, sensor


Sep. 24th – 29th Lassallestrasse 5 1020 Vienna, Austria


Tale of delusion

Mz* Baltazarʼs Laboratory
Patrícia J. Reis, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Ana Loureiro, Taga Torosyan

special participation: Yonka Dragomanska Tsvetkova, Sarah Howorka

Georg Kargl Permanent | 13.09 – 12.10.2019 | Schleifmühlgasse 17, 1040 Vienna
opening : Tuesday, 12th September, 18h | Opening times/ Special events: 14th September – 12h — 15h Guided tour during Curated by | 19th September – 13h – 18h | 28th September – 12h — 15h Letter soup brunch during Vienna Contemporary | 3rd October – 15h – 18h | 10th October – 15h – 18h | 12th October – 18h-21h


Group Show flora pondtemporary, St. Florian, Linz, Austria

Opening: Friday, July 26, 2019, from 5 pm
Exhibition: July – September
Stiftsteiche, 4490 St. Florian


Catrin Bolt
Anita Fox
Markus Hiesleitner
Daniela Krajčová
Nicole Krenn
David Leitner
Klara Paterok
Patricia J. Reis
Franz Tišek
Lukas Walcher
Curator: Lenka Kurková

The Kulturdrogerie an artist-run-space in the 18th district in Vienna, would like to relocate the idea of ​​living “social sculpture” over the summer months to the countryside in St. Florian. The Flora Pondtemporary project at the St. Florian peninsular makes it possible to temporarily compensate for the contrasts between city and countryside, space and density, tradition and trend.

The publicly accessible Arial of the St. Florian peninsular in the center offers the space for the Flora Pondtemporary project. The two-hectare fishpond plant of the St. Florian Abbey enables the work in nature and with nature, as well as a test room and an open-air studio for the curator and the artists.

In addition to new site-related work on the fishpond, works created by the Kulturdrogerie in Vienna will also be presented to Flora Pondtemporary.

The project opens from the beginning to the outside and welcomes audiences at any time to ensure a lively exchange between the artists and interested visitors. The works, which are realized during the project, are exhibited permanently on the site and form a local art collection in St. Florian, which is intended to stimulate discussion.


Politics of the Machines: Art / Conflict
POM Beirut 2019
The 2nd POM Conference
The International University of Beirut, June 11-14, 2019

10.Track: Body-politics of the machines: Troubles WITH/IN/OUT art, body, perception, politics, and technology

Track chair Ingrid Cogne, Patrícia J. Reis
Within the cross-disciplinary research field art – science – technology, it has been widely remarked how the proliferation of new technologies affects human and non-human bodies in multiple ways—including perceptually, intellectually, culturally, socially, environmentally, ecologically, ethically, and politically.

Evidence can be found for example in the ways in which humans have been adjusting their bodies and behaviors to automatic workflows or in the development of genetic engineering to modify species that can cope with the current standards of living.

The rapid advance of artificial intelligence, artificial emotion, human-robotics interfaces, and genetics, points to the idea of expanding the body to a facilitated and re-empowered artificial existence. Technologies of emersion—such as VR, AR, and brain interfaces—promise the alienation of reality and call for the transcendence of the body and immaterial existence. Both scenarios persist on thinking future technology in an anthropocentric way and call for the necessity of rethinking the body.

Body-politics of the machines aims at re-creating a space wherein troublematic relationship with/in/out art, body, perception, politics, and technology can be articulated and inviting papers and artistic research projects that observe, question or speculate on aesthetics, im/materiality, and politics of future techno-body scenarios.

The tracked topics include – and are not limited to:

Situating troubles: Intersectionality and bodily relationalities.
Machines and automatic systems of demystification.
Machines as bodies and bodies as machines.
Innovative interfaces of body affection and sensorial adjustment.
Relational interfaces – between the self, one’s body, and the body of spectators.
Thinking the body: emancipation strategies and speculative methodologies.
Power of machines in periods of conflict: VR, AR systems and other immersion technologies aligned with body and politics.
Disembodiment, obliteration, and technological development.


Group Show #FUCK REALITY: Positions on immersive art 

Gallery Šira, Zagreb, Croatia

Animafest Zagreb 03. 06. – 08.06. 2019


Exhibition Through The Hole is the Way-Out-Of-This -World

Kulturdrogerie, Vienna, Austria

Patrícia J. Reis & Lukas Vincent Walcher
opening May 29th 7 pm
29.5 – 20.6.2019

Through the hole is the way ‘Out-of-This-World’ is a site-specific interactive installation presented by media artists Patricia J. Reis in collaboration with Lukas Vincent Walcher in the open-air segment of the experimental station Kulturdrogerie in the 18th district of Vienna, Währing and is on view from 29th of May till 20th of June 2019. The work explores the concepts of temporality, communication and translation in heterotopias – culturally, institutionally and discursively ‘othered’ spaces, inviting the interactors to have an embodied experience of the movement of a flag in the sky that can be observed underneath a temporary pavilion.

The visual and physical information of an object’s movement — the oscillation of the flag — is translated into sensorial and haptic codes that the interactor can physically receive through motion feedback, embedded in a sculptural object that serve as a seat, at the intersection of the public and private space.

Text by Taga Torosyan


Workshop Arte Interactiva at  Fundación Ludwig, Havana Biennale, Cuba.


Group Show #FUCK REALITY: Posiciones del Arte Inmersivo

 Fundación Ludwig, Havana Biennale, Cuba. 12.04 – 28.04.2019

Fundación Ludwig de Cuba, Calle 13 # 509 entre D y E, Vedado, Havana, Cuba

Artists: Thomas Hochwallner, Nicolaj Kirisits, Martin Kusch / fitness pluriel, Bobby Malhotra, David Osthoff, Patrícia Reis, Ruth Schnell, Franz Schubert

The department DIGITAL ART / Ruth Schnell at the invitation of the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba between 12.04. and 28.04.2019 eight current artistic positions on the occasion of the XIII Bienal de La Habana.
DIGITALE KUNST continues the series #fuckreality with the exhibition on the premises of the Ludwigstiftung in Havana, which began very successfully in the fall of 2018 in the Kunstraum Lower Austria (curators Kunstraum NOE: Martin Kusch, Alexandra Schantl, Ruth Schnell).
With the works of Thomas Hochwallner, Nicolaj Kirisits, Martin Kusch / fitness pluriel, Bobby Malhotra, David Osthoff, Patrícia Reis, Ruth Schnell and Franz Schubert, DIGITAL ART presents artistic positions on the construction of reality at the interface of real and virtual space in the center.
The works shown in the cooperation are the result of artistic-researching, experimental productions in the labs for immersion, sound and electronics. With three workshops (360 ° sound and video, 3D scanning and Arduino introduction), the department presents the work of these labs during the exhibition. In addition to the transfer of knowledge, an exchange about methods of immersive artistic practices should be stimulated.
From April 12 to May 12, 2019, the Biennale in Havana will be presenting over 200 national and international artistic positions under the theme “Construction of the Possible”.


Review at Designisso  Issue Nov 2018




15.09 — 02.12.2018

Evoluon, Campina, Van Abbemuseum, Park Theatre Eindhoven

Eindhoven, Netherlands


Zip-Scene Conference

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary

8-10 November 2018




05. 10 —24.11.2018

Kunstraum Niederösterreich

Vienna, Austria

Kunstraum Niederösterreich: Fuckreality (5.10. – 24.11.2018, Eröffnung) | Foto: eSeL

Kunstraum Niederösterreich: Fuckreality (5.10. – 24.11.2018, Eröffnung) | Foto: eSeL

Kunstraum Niederösterreich: Fuckreality (5.10. – 24.11.2018, Eröffnung) | Foto: eSeL

Kunstraum Niederösterreich: Fuckreality (5.10. – 24.11.2018, Eröffnung) | Foto: eSeL



BANFF, Centre for Art & Creativity

Banff, Canada



ISEA Symposium on Electronic Art

Durban, South Africa

Panel | Discussion

[Socially engaged media art] Conversation Session: Mediated Empowerment

Using Media and Technology to Amplify the Voices of Local Communities together with Jill Scott and Eugenio Tisselli

23.06 – 1.07.2018



WORKSHOP Hackerspaces cultures: Speculations on bioenergy towards an alternative desired future

25.05.2018 | 15-17h

Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria

[Make… cooperative futures: Power, Access, Mapping, Alternative Fictions

Symposium der Abteilung Mediengestaltung]

How do we imagine a sustainable desired global future? What means being individually happy and satisfied? What should we believe in, when we are constantly loaded with new digital data and information? And what should we wish for? Can technology be an asset to project our future visions? Which open tools do we have access to empower our wishes?

This workshop aims to use these questions as a motif for the analysis of science fiction imaginary, and with that, invite participants to work together and bring their critical thoughts for the creation of a mystic machine powered by crystal energy and potato batteries.

Exhibition [Group Show]


Ubiquitous Futures

18.05. – 20.05. 2018

[During the Click Festival — CONTEMPORARY ART, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY — CATCH, Helsingør, Denmark]


Workshop From concept to exhibition [PhD Course: Open Hardware Open Machines]

CATCH, Helsingør, Denmark

14.05.2018 | 10h – 15h

Collaboration between IT University, CATCH, Aalborg University, within the framework of the conference POLITICS OF THE MACHINES – ART AND AFTER

The Ph.d students have worked in teams with a particular focus on using the technologies of mapping, monitoring and sensory experiences in their research into hybrid state(s) of the body. The result is two installatory presentations operating as hybrids in-between art installations and prototypes, which are developed to test the status of technological devices and tools in an investigation of ‘future pleasure objects’.


Workshop Demystifying the Black Box!

FH Technikum Wien

25.01.2018 | 17h-19h

ProjectKitchen, UAS Technikum Wien (Room B_4.04)


Klangmanifest, Vienna

Group exhibition

Opening: 17th January, 2018 | 18h

Finissage: 26th January, 2018 | 18h



Sechshauser Straße 66, 1150 Vienna, Austria