Patrícia J. Reis Patrícia J. Reis

Sensorial screen #1 2018

Venue: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff, Canada

Leighton Artist Studio [Studio 8 — Guy Grin-Lajoie]

12.09. 2019

photo © Jessica Wittman

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Sensorial Screen #1, 2018

The project Sensorial screen is a concept for an interactive installation that considers the body as a screen, as a place, in which complex visual information can be perceived as a sensation, and felt at the skin level. By focusing on the haptic experience of the participant it takes into consideration his or hers sensorial biological apparatus in the construction of unique individual phenomenological experiences. Given the complexity of visual information in the field of visual and conceptual art we assist in our days, how can one create new ways of experience, in which the sensorial system of the participants is determinant and acts in an interactive manner within the art work? The artist explores innovative forms of communication bounded in emotions and sensuality, rather then in cognitive and intellectual comprehension, as a possible answer to that problem.

The participant motion is tracked by a video camera. The video is therefore translated into vibration situated pulses and intensity reproduced by motors inside of the object. The vibration patterns are more intense in the position where the participant is interacting.

The project resulted of a 5 weeks residence at the Banff Centre with the support of the Austrian Cultural Ministry [BKA at].

Special thanks to Christoph Veigl

Audio-visual-tactile interactive installation composed by HD video camera, 3 microcontrollers and custom circuit-boards, 60 vibration motors, wood, foam and textile.