Patrícia J. Reis Patrícia J. Reis

Inside out: myself as Diana 2010-2015

Photo © Gabi Carreira


WhatsAPPROPRIATION: a arte de revisitar a arte

Fundição Progresso

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

October 2015

Curator: Claudia Giannetti

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Inside out: myself as Diana, 2010-2015

Inside out: Myself as Diana is an interactive installation that allows participants to see another reality behind a wall. A small monitor is placed on a table, leaning to a wall, inviting manipulation from the interactor. By doing so, he/she can see a video image representing an intimate scene, namely a woman bathing. The interactor can manipulate the screen freely on the wall’s surface to watch small parts of the image, in order to compose the whole represented action. The screen works as an access window to a virtual and intimate space, a tangible interface between two realities, turning interactivity into a voyeuristic experience.

Audiovisual participative installation. Single channel video, color, PAL, HD 15 min, monitor 9’, computer tracking system.