Patrícia J. Reis Patrícia J. Reis

“The Medusa v. The Odalisque”, 2021

Photo © Janine Schranz


Mz* Baltazar’s Lab

Jägerstraße 52-54 1200 VIENNA, AUSTRIA

30.07  – 20.08.2021

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"The Medusa v. The Odalisque"***, 2021. A collaboration between Dorota Walentynowicz & Patrícia J. Reis

“The Medusa v. The Odalisque” is the artists' ongoing research towards a critical reflection on the subject of visual pleasure in the age of digital entities. The exhibition consists of a collection of objects and images which engage the visitors in a spectacle of gazes. *** “The Medusa v. The Odalisque” - B.S. Latrodectus Mactans Productions. Uncredited cast; zone-plating laser holography by James O. Incadenza and Urquhart Ogilvie, Jr.; holographic fight choreography by Kenjiru Hirota courtesy of Sony Entertainment-Asia; 78 mm; 29 minutes; black and white; silent w/ audience-noises appropriated from network broadcast television. Mobile holograms of two visually lethal mythologic females duel with reflective surfaces onstage while a live crowd of spectators turn to stone. LIMITED CELLULOID RUN; PRIVATELY RE-RELEASED ON MAGNETIC VIDEO BY LATRODECTUS MACTANS PRODUCTIONS

Mixed installation composed by photo print in textile (400x600 cm), dual-video installation, rocks, 2x cardboard pinhole sculptures, single-channel projection into not high fired porcelain object, sculpture composed by: plexiglass object, rock, high fired porcelain objects