Patrícia J. Reis Patrícia J. Reis

endoSensorial mask, 2022

Photo © Janine Schranz

Exhibition The 13th Havana Biennial

Estación Cultural Linea y 18, Vedado, Habana


25.03.2022  – 16.04.2022

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endoSensorial mask, 2022

endoSensorial mask is an interactive installation composed by one sculpture/ mask suspended in space and hanged from the ceiling. The participant is invited to wear a VR headset (embedded in the sculpture) and embody it in multiple possible ways. By doing so, the participant is immersed in a virtual reality environment which is synchronised with the worn physicality of the objects. The sculpture is made from mixed materials, such as textiles and foam, forming a figure that aims to be an extension of the user's body. The motion image shown in the virtual set corresponds to the "real" sculpture. The viewer is situated "out" of the exhibition space into a virtual environment characterised by an endless space colonised by other species. The playful interaction invites the participant to establish communication with the virtual species by trying to touch them. Interaction between real and virtual species is celebrated by a symbiotic kind of event: the virtual species change their location and appearance; the real species — the participants — are affected by vibration feedback. The installation refers to the urgency of multi-species interaction for an ecological sustainable future. The design of the species resembles an octopus and was inspired by Vilém Flusser Vampyroteuthis infernalis.

Virtual Reality interactive Installation composed by VR set, 3D interactive environment, microcontroller and customised circuit, 6 ERM vibration motors, Foam, diverse textiles, personalised crochet design. Credits: Concept, Design, Production: Patrícia J. Reis | 3D, Interactive Application: Matthias Klien | Programming & Electronics: Patrícia J. Reis | Tailoring: Patrícia J. Reis, Erika Farina | Crochet work: Erika Farina, Maria de Lurdes Moreira