Patrícia J. Reis Patrícia J. Reis


Venue: Schauraum di’Angewandte Museums Quartier, Vienna, Austria.

24.03 – 19.05.2017

Curator: Ruth Schnell and Tommy Schneider

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We learned to believe in machines! We enjoy believing in machines! The BMI project investigates fictional technomancy by questioning the boundaries between science, religion and magic from the point of view of the user and/or the believer. Referring to divination techniques from paganism, cabalism, and spiritual beliefs, the closed-circuit installation proposes a mechanism able of triggering and translating the behavior of a mystic object. The object is automatically reacting to questions spoken by the artist about the future. A digital program is executing the task of decoding the behavior of the object into a certain answer. The human body, the subconscious, and the mind of the believer are replaced by the automatic system of the device. The machine becomes an interface between the believer and an utopian future.

Dual-channel audiovisual installation composed by closed-circuit mechanical and computer system, pendulum (30x50cm).