Patrícia J. Reis Patrícia J. Reis

MASSAGE a collaborative performance with Mz* Baltazar’s Lab at Forum Alpbach 2017

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24.8.2017 — 26.8.2017 [09.30 – 16.30h]

When are people treated like things? In fascism? In patriarchy? In captialism? Or if algorithms structure massive amounts of decontextualized human actions? How do ideologies get into things, in us, with the pickax or slowly massaging? Poor thing.

Our group of artists invites you to a queer feminist safer space, to workshops* and conversations, and to invent models against reification, in the form of poetic circuits and simple automata. We massage in intermediate translations and stumble over humor and sadness.

At Forum Alpbach 2017 [Austria]

Off.Space Hallenbad

Patrícia J. Reis, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, and Stefanie Wuschitz

Interactive performative installation composed by Massage table, processing patch, projector, screen, life camera, noodles, ink, sound, ultra-sound, petri glases, messages of WS-participants.


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